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Paul Arena


Paul Arena is a financial specialist in several disciplines, including intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, financial management, and strategic operations. As the CEO of AIM Group, a consulting firm with a focus on operations, product development, marketing, financial requirements and overall business strategies, Paul has been involved in the successful completion of over $3 billion of combined financings.

Paul attended Barry University in Miami, Florida, for his secondary education. He took courses in finance and economics, then returned a few years later to add other subjects to his knowledge base. His successful business career was fueled by his well-rounded education, paired with his natural negotiating and logical problem-solving abilities. While employed as an investment banker on Wall Street, Paul Arena saw the importance of thinking outside the box wherever he could and learned the significance of intellectual property to increase a firm’s value and generate profits for investors.

While Paul was still at Barry University studying corporate finance and securities law, he was already forging his entrepreneurial path. He was the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Cereus Technology Partners, an IT firm, and quickly learned the ins and outs of the corporate world. This experience was followed by many other successful ones, including being Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Geos Communications, the Chairman & CEO of Augme Technologies, Inc. & Hipcricket, Inc., the Senior Managing Director and then Executive Chairman for AudioEye, Inc., and the Principal Co-founder of ArenaLife, LLC. 

Paul Arena got his start working on Wall Street as an investment banker for Drexel Burnham. He took to finance like a fish to water, rising above his fellow workers because he understood how important it was to be inventive when it came to the traditional revenue methods. He also saw the value of learning everything that he could; he realized intellectual property’s importance and the potential that it has to raise the enterprise value of a company, as well as make money for the company’s investors.

The role of CEO for the Intellectual Property Network (IPN) was a perfect fit for Paul because of his extensive knowledge of intellectual property and patent licensing. As a fellow entrepreneur, Paul has always enjoyed creating something and felt pride watching it grow. When assembling his team for the firm, Paul Arena knew he wanted to staff his team with fellow entrepreneurs and inventors to provide his clients with the best service.

Over the past three decades, Paul Arena has worked in many different executive roles, including corporate finance, syndication, and distribution. To date, Paul has played a major role in the successful execution of approximately $3 billion in financings. Not only that, but Paul has also been the leader of a number of teams, including finance, financial management, operations, and mergers and acquisitions. Paul has also been the leader of accounting departments, has created and put short-term and long-term company plans in use, as well as organized product distribution to a wide range of consumer and corporate markets. 

Paul Arena has also had a number of different accomplishments throughout his career. For one, he’s acted as the Chairman and CEO of a public technology mobile marketing and advertising company. During his tenure, the company’s annual “run rate” revenue grew 30 times its starting rate, from $1 million to $30 million over ten quarters. Not only that, but Paul also founded a publicly held technology company and ended up selling it for $6.5 million in 2008. But his accolades don’t end there. He was also the Financial Advisor and minority interest owner of one of the world’s most well-known recycling facilities, as well as being a cofounding partner for a start-up firm that’s prospered, growing into over 150 employees. This company started with annual excess sales of $25 million and, in two years, grew to complete combined financing transactions of over $250 million. 

Paul has developed a reputation as a daring decision-maker over the course of his thirty-year career, having launched numerous profitable businesses. Paul’s ability to successfully organize many complicated and critical efforts simultaneously is his proven track record, and it’s one of the things that sets him apart from his peers. Another factor is his adaptability. Paul is equally at ease dealing with start-ups as he is with established firms seeking expansion.

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