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The following hard points about entrepreneurship may be difficult for some people to accept. However, they’re necessary in order to succeed.

-The endeavor is not about the entrepreneur personally.

While it’s natural for the entrepreneur to have a major degree of attachment to the venture, getting tunnel vision is dangerous.

Tunnel vision hinders the ability to foresee failure, acknowledge and try other angles/opportunities and can lead to learned helplessness. Being an entrepreneur is never an easy ride, and a few small failures are almost inevitable.

There will be some lonely points. However, the key is to relax and to stay open to learning new things in the process.

-Radical independence in entrepreneurship is very dangerous.

The most dangerous mistake is the entrepreneur thinking that they can do absolutely everything him- or herself. While entrepreneurs are expected to wear a lot of hats, they are only human. Trying to do absolutely everything him- or herself leads to burnout, which can lead to a complete failure.

Instead, entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to delegate. To hire people who can do parts of the job that they can’t do as well. Expecting to find a clone is unrealistic. The key is to simply hire someone good at those tasks.

Those who don’t currently have a hiring budget can delegate the tasks as internship positions. It’s an excellent experience for college students who are seeking pre-career experiences. Some college major departments also require internships as a credit hour. In some cases, people looking to move up in or to switch fields would be appreciative of the experience.

-Remember, it’s not the product itself that people care about. A service may be slightly different, but still.

What people care about the most today is that the product meets their needs in a direct way.

A service may speak for itself more directly. However, potential clients still need to see that there’s a heart-centered intent behind it.

-Think good habits and not constant inspiration.

Inspiration is great when it occurs. However, constantly waiting around for it to happen is useless.

These days, there’s a saying that goes, “work smarter, not harder.” Entrepreneurship is not just about being financially responsible, the technical knowledge, and hard discipline anymore. It’s also about staying balanced and delegating in the process.