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TED talks provide invaluable online resources that transform many people’s lives. It is among the greatest sources of information online. The platform is content-oriented, and many people, including entrepreneurs, benefit from it. Here is a compilation of some of the best TED talks for entrepreneurs.

Maya Penn

Most entrepreneurs usually possess a combination of skills that make them survive in their niches. Maya Penn is a talented entrepreneur who is artistic and business savvy. In addition, she is a cartoonist, activist, designer, and entrepreneur. Maya is true to her creative calling and uses her talents to assist the global community.

Cameron Herold

Cameron is COO Alliance’s founder who believes that the traditional academic system is not working well with the younger students. Younger students get bored quickly and are negatively affected by poor performance, resulting in a lack of confidence in various areas. Herold feels that the problem lies with the system. He advocates for improvement in the traditional teaching methods by taking a more career-oriented direction.

Simon Sinek

According to Simon Sinek, the CEO of the company is the one who calls the shots. He is the captain leading his team to success by guiding them and making the right decisions. Simon believes that excellent leaders are creative and can always find their way around problems to develop accurate solutions.

Regina Hartley

Selecting the right candidates to work for an organization is not a breeze. During an interview, many people come with appealing resumes that do not reflect their skills and abilities. According to Regina Hartley, a stellar resume does not guarantee that the candidate will perform as expected. On the other hand, a candidate with a less impressive CV but with grit and passion for the job may end up doing an excellent job than expected.

Josh Luber

Josh Luber is well-known for his argument that sneakers are a great investment. He believes in research and market analysis on niche areas of sneakers and prides himself on his market analytics company’s success. In addition, he provides invaluable advice on return on investment on sneakers.

Didier Sornette

Didier Sornette advises entrepreneurs on the economy and cycles of recession. According to Sornette, entrepreneurs should identify industries that demonstrate instability to minimize risks and losses. In addition, he believes that entrepreneurs should be aware of the macroeconomic trends to predict industries.