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Running any business is not a walk in the park. For startups, they get to venture into new territories where competitors have already set a base. One needs mentorship to succeed in entrepreneurship. They need someone to direct and show them the ropes and navigate their way to become successful. When looking for a mentor, one must ensure they select someone they can have a positive mentor-mentee relationship with. They must ensure that there is mutual respect to keep their relationship burning. When seeking a great entrepreneurship mentor, there are certain traits one needs to focus on, to stumble upon an excellent choice.

Experience in the appropriate field

A great mentor has seasoned experience in the area one wants to grow in. They have a track record that speaks volumes regarding the number of people they have successfully handled. They should be passionate about what they do by demonstrating their desire to teach. Settling for a seasoned mentor allows one to learn from their mentor’s mistakes and know how to avoid them.

Balanced work and personal life

Having a balanced life doesn’t mean having a perfect life. No one can have an ideal life since nobody is perfect. Human is to error and so are mentors. All the same, a good entrepreneurship mentor should not be too busy to create time for their mentees. They should have a balanced personal and work life, allowing them to spend sufficient time with their mentees. A great mentor should create time for chatting regularly.

Understands the value of mentorship

An excellent entrepreneurship mentor should have been through a similar process. It makes it easier for them to understand one’s journey. As a result, they know there are no sure answers during mentorship since it is a learning process, and every individual goes through a unique experience. A mentor who understands how much value the mentorship process brings to one’s life should also be considerate and thoughtful of one’s goals, ideas, and expectations.

As much as most mentorships occur organically, as friends, people can still use cold outreach to find an excellent mentor. Sometimes, an experienced stranger can be the best mentor to help one transform and exceed their goals. Once one identifies the right mentor, they are set to succeed.